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Ikhsan Tama invites you to connect

Ikhsan Tama
Join Ikhsan Tama on Yahoo! Messenger.

Come chat with me, share files and more.

Stay in the loop with all your friends.
Get started : http://invite.msg.yahoo.com/invite?op=accept&intl=us&sig=oyOnB9hm1T49GSUMSJq3ZiaBxP5j6rG2Fdd8_oh9u7JCtnDE5EtEy1JpTuk-

* Stay connected at home, at work, or on the go
* Have fun with games, emoticons, and more
* Join a community of over 100 million people from around the world

Join Your Friends : http://invite.msg.yahoo.com/invite?op=accept&intl=us&sig=oyOnB9hm1T49GSUMSJq3ZiaBxP5j6rG2Fdd8_oh9u7JCtnDE5EtEy1JpTuk-

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